March Madness Survivor Pool and Bracket – starts Thursday

Two contests for you as NCAA Tournament gets cranking up – join us, it’s fun.

1. Lhu is running a CSFBL March Madness Bracket click HERE to join,
Group Name: CSFBL March Madness Password: winthrop
Rules: You know how brackets work.

Winner receives: Pride and admiration.

2. Lhu is also helping me run the NCAA Survivor Pool you can find HERE, that we have run on and off for the last decade in TCL.

Rules: Pick one team each day of the tournament, starting Thursday March 17th.
If they win, you survive. If you make a wrong pick, you’re out. You can’t pick the same team twice, longest survivor wins.
(Tiebreaker: if last remaining teams finish on the same day, person with highest sum of the seeds picked, wins)

You can come back and pick each day, or pick a couple in advance, whatever works for you, just have to get the pick in before game starts.

Winner receives: A baseball card of their choosing that I will spend up to $10 on. Mostly, it’s pride and admiration too.

Past winners of this Survivor game:

2021 – Balmers
2019 – Goot
2015 – Danielpaton/Sugarwall
2014 – Andujar/Clone
2013 – Andujar
2011 – JKoller
2010 – Clone