Updated League Activity Policies

As we see a handful of new leagues starting up, discuss a return of mentor leagues in the hopefully near future, and generally clean up the league rosters, we are updating some of our league policies, effective at the end of March. Activity policies help us concentrate activity on leagues that have user interest, rather than spreading out users over 3/4 empty leagues.

Full policy can be found HERE.

The main change – leagues with 10 or fewer owners will be paused at the end of their seasons, and commissioners will no longer be able to automatically restart as they have been. We want to encourage the freedom of commissioners working on active leagues, and we will try to work with commissioners of leagues dealing with special circumstances/employing rules that merit lower ownership levels, but if you are just a group used to playing in 3/4 empty league, it’s time to go public/round up a couple other owners on the site.