College World Series wants you

Marsupial took the time to prepare a College World Series primer, go check it out HERE. (If you’ve got folks excited enough to write up a primer for their league, that’s a good sign)

What Is College World Series?

CWS is the only league in CSFBL dedicated to recreating the experience of American college baseball. Features such as player eligibility, recruiting, and school prestige are added to allow teams to operate like an NCAA school. Each season, the league goes through a three round recruiting cycle throughout the season to add players to their team for the next season. Each player “graduates” and must be released at the age of 25 or after they have played in four different seasons, whichever comes first. Teams also gain or lose prestige by their recent performance, which changes how many players they can recruit in the upcoming season. The better the team performs, the higher the bonus.

You can get in touch with Marsupial HERE, or you can go take a direct look at CWS over HERE.