Community Roundup: 3/15-3/23

Site updates coming this Thursday night (3/23/22) – details HERE – site will be down starting at 7pm until approx. 8pm.

Lots going on around the place, catch up on some of it below.

*Lhu and Clone kicked off March Madness bracket and Survivor tournies HERE.
(JPax leading a pack of a lot of Gonzaga pickers, JPax and Fyewicks the only two of the Survivor players to make it to week two.)

*Zubaz led a roundtable discussion of Mentor Leagues with Smittias and G Sparks HERE
(G Sparks finished it off with a great rallying call for potential future mentors. More to come on this front, but we’ll be looking for a few good users to help us spread the word to new CSFBL users.)

*College World Series are looking for a few good owners – Marsupial has written up a little bit about the unique format of CWS HERE

*Zubaz sat down with Pimp to discuss the reboot of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen HERE
(With a follow-up video from Bobcat with the LEG opening lottery HERE)

Also, wanted to thank you guys for giving long-term league AOR Diehards a shot at keeping going with a handful of new owners. Nice to see people putting energy into these leagues, and giving different leagues a chance.