Release Notes – Mar. 2022

The next monthly release is due to arrive on Thursday March 24, 2022. The site will be down starting 7pm EST, and should be back online by 8pm EST. No sims will be skipped.

(After the update, you’ll be able to find these community blog updates under the community tab in the main navigation bar)


  • When viewing a team, you may see one or more team strengths to the right of the team name. Team types include Small BallLong BallPower PitchingFinesse Pitching, and Strong Defense. The Baseball Analysts will periodically re-evaluate teams throughout the season, just to make sure nothing changes. Teams can’t show more than two strengths, but can show none.
  • If you are looking at a team you don’t own and you are eligible to own it, you’ll see a Take Over button next to the team name – click if if you want to be the new owner of that team.
  • Fixed the issue affecting some users where the table download was happening inadvertently on the team draft list page.

Find a Team

  • We’ve launched a new “Find a Team” page, where you can choose from various criteria to find a new team to take over! You can get to this page by going to the “Find a team to manage” link in the Teams menu, or on your main landing page.
  • To find a team you can choose from a few different criteria:
    • Activity level (any level, or only the most active leagues)
    • Membership type (public or private)
    • What part of the season the league is currently in (pre-season, regular season, or post-season)
    • The team’s primary strength (optional)
  • You can repeatedly run searches to find 10 (random) teams that match your criteria.
  • Clicking a ‘preview’ link will show you the team’s recent season performance and their top pitchers nad position players. To take the team, just click the big Yes, let’s get started! button. We tried to make it simple, because we want you to be an active owner with lots of teams. It makes us all happier.
  • New users will have a somewhat streamlined experience on this page when they first join.

New Users

  • Signing up to play CSFBL couldn’t get an easier. Simply enter a username, password, and email, and you’re immediately in the game. You don’t have to verify your email in order to get started. (This will make it easier for new users to start playing in just a few clicks.)
  • Until they own their first team, new users will only be able to select a team strength when finding their first team, and will only see three results instead of 10. We’re trying to give fewer choices in the beginning so people don’t get overwhelmed with the depth of gameplay in their first two minutes.
  • Until a new user verifies their email address, they will not be able to join private leagues, send or accept trade proposals, submit free agent offers, release players from their roster, or rename players.
  • A new user will lose his teams after 14 days of not logging in, as opposed to the normal 30 days. (A user is considered a ‘new user’ in the first three weeks after they sign up.)


  • League commissioners can no longer reassign players unless they are free agents or on a team’s roster. (In other words, they can no longer assign draft picks before they are selected onto someone’s team.)
  • Leagues are actively suspended if they have fewer than 10 teams owned by users at the end of the season (the “participation level”).
  • Commissioners are no longer allowed to re-activate a league if it was placed on-hold at the end of the season due to low participation. To re-activate these leagues, commissioners need to work to get at or above the minimum participation level, or send a compelling reason to explaining why we should allow an exception.


  • If you change your email address, you’ll have to verify it (we’ll send you an email with a link) before it becomes a permanent change. You’ll see a reminder banner on each page until you verify, because we know you don’t want to miss any chance for us to get in touch with you via email. You can, of course, cancel the email change if you realized you like your old email address better.
  • User records with thousands of seasons played had percentages calculating incorrectly; we’ve fixed it.
  • The email you receive when someone proposes a trade to you has been cleaned up, and it now includes complete information on draft picks included in the trade.
  • We have a blog! You can find a link to it under the Community option in the main navigation bar.
  • The “Recent News” dropdown has been consolidated with the Community dropdown in the main navigation bar.
  • Remember the last time you were able to use the in-game chat? We can’t either, because it was broken and the vendor stopped supporting it. Any remaining code related to it has been removed. (We’re weird; like deleting code.)
  • Some creepy people were trying to hack the URL on the user records page thinking we secretly supported things like “last 3 months” or similar. I give you credit for trying, but now you’ll just get a bad request error page instead of a full-blown server error.