Introducing Andujarday!

Wednesday is my day! I’ll be bringing the noise for all @zubaz bois, uh, that’s not how I talk. That was too sussing to be bussing. Err, that’s not it either, but it would upset my kids to know that I was talking so spesh. Anyway… I’ll be providing some information, some entertainment and some excrement on a weekly basis in this space. The content will center around CSFBL and other broader topics that CSFBL players/owners will likely find interesting.

My hope is to have fun with these, increase interest in the blog and hopefully entertain/inform readers so that the blog becomes a hot spot of CSFBL attention. If you think you have what it takes to contribute to the blog, please reach out to me on the forums, or discord, or stop by my house at 655 W church st, Orlando FL this Saturday. I’m having on open house party from 12-4 and I expect lots of wild guests. But CSFBL is a baseball sim so I won’t force you to read the cricket box scores with me and I’ll try to stay on topic as much as that hurts me and my random thought brain.

Baseball is back. Well, sim baseball never left. But MLB is back. Soon. Maybe. Unless the owners lock the players out again. Or the players lose their key or forget their password. Or the mascots take control, which may be fun. I could enjoy baseball played on 4-wheelers with potato cannons shooting balled up t-shirts, all done by players with oversized heads the likes we haven’t seen since 30 baseball teams, half of them with DH positions available, decided they had no use for signing a guaranteed .400 OBP hitter, and that’s ignoring the above average power and jersey sales. Maybe they didn’t have space in the locker room for a recliner (Hi Wrigley Field pre-renovation!) or maybe the player was a Giant pita or maybe they were more worried about fan backlash… no, let’s not be silly. MLB has never worried about fan backlash.

Ok, I don’t want to get too negative here. At least, they will be playing ball again soon. And seeing Trout and Ohtani and Guerrero Jr and the next Mets super prospect that will flame out is fun. On a personal note, it probably won’t be fun for me as a Cardinal fan to witness the corpse of Albert Pujols bat 200 times, but it will upset Redsfans, Cubsfella, Billwaukee and Steelers4life to see Cardinal fans happy. In baseball and CSFBL, strikeouts matter more than ever and the hitters and myself share a common goal today: We are trying to improve our launch angle.

One of the expected features of my weekly post are contests. I love games to compete against other people. Similar to the ToC contest won by SlickLaptop, each contest may have its own rules, and I’ll do my best to keep it fair and fun. When I was first exposed to these predictive questionnaire type contests, the guy producing them called them YNOTs. so, I’m sticking with that name. I hope to have several of these contests throughout the year and have a winner at the end of the year. No prizes are being promised at this time. This contest is for the beginning part of the MLB season, which starts on Thursday, April 7th. The end day for each question is at the end of the games on Mother’s Day (May 8th).

MLB beginning segment contest – YNOT – fill out answers in the linked Google Form:

  1. Which team will lead MLB in wins after the games on Mother’s Day? (5 pts)
  2. Which team will lead MLB in losses on the same date? (5 pts)
  3. Will any Major League player be suspended for 50 games or more before Mother’s Day? (2 pts)
  4. Will there be any no-hitters before Mother’s Day? (2 pts)
  5. Which team will have the player leading MLB in home runs on Mother’s Day? (5 pts)
  6. Who will have more wins after the games on Mother’s Day: Seattle + Oakland OR Houston + CityName Angels (2 pts)
  7. Who will have more wins after the games on Mother’s Day: Dodgers + Rockies OR Padres + Giants (2 pts)
  8. Who will have more wins after the games on Mother’s Day: Brewers + Pirates OR Braves + Marlins (2 pts)
  9. Who will have more wins after the games on Mother’s Day: Yankees + Red Sox OR Toronto + Tampa (2 pts)
  10. Who will have more wins after the games on Mother’s Day: Guardians + Tigers + Royals OR Chicago White Sox + Twins + 5 (2 pts)

Tiebreaker: Highest attendance of a Miami Marlins home game after the games on Mother’s Day

Most points wins. The deadline for submitting an entry is Friday at midnight. All ties for the leaders count as a correct answer. All rulings by andujar are final. After the deadline has passed, I will produce a tracking sheet.