Community Roundup: 4/3-4/10

Welcoming two regular contributors to the fold:

Andujar declares Wednesday to be Andujarday and invites you to make some predictions for the upcoming MLB season – Introducing Andujarday

Bobcat welcomes you to the new MLB season, gets me to start putting disclaimers on content, and invites you to check out his YouTube channel where no disclaimers will be found – Happy opening weekend for MLB

Encourage those two by checking back in on what they are doing – both creative and hilarious guys in their own right, and I still have hopes that they’ll record a head-to-head game together one day.

Zubaz sat down with MHardy, one of the newest members of the CSFBL development team, to discuss some pending updates to the site and mourn the end of Hardy’s 105 season playoff streak – Zubaz and MHardy

(Technical difficulties postponed Zubaz’s conversation with Marsupial this week, but Marsupial fans do not despair, he will be on soon)

I opened the Record Book, to look at some of the greatest teams of all-time both by number of wins and overall win percentage – Winningest Teams of All Time

Also seen around the place, Pedro put out a call on Discord for Pacific Coast League alumni as I think he is pondering a revival. If you or someone you know has any lingering warm feelings towards PCL, maybe get in touch with him (pedro4832 on forums and Discord).

Have a great week fellas.