Andujarday Returns

Episode 2: The search for more money.  The Squeakquel.  Reloaded.  Andujarday Rises.  Jardgment Day.  Die Jarder.  2 Fast 2 Jarious.  Next Jarday.  Jarbo: Second Blood.  Jars II: Back with a Bigger Boat.  Jar and Jarrerer.  

Nonsense.  That’s one of my core values.  You will either get used to it, embrace it, skip it or stop clicking on these.  And I don’t want you to stop clicking on these.  So, maybe I should try for at least somesense.

Somesense. Every once in a while, I try to make some sense. It’s best for all involved to grow personally. Get smarter, better, faster, harder, whatever Kanye, Daft Punk or Radiohead’s robot said. I often have an internal dialogue with myself in an attempt to improve my processes. It’s a quick self discussion, because I tire of talking to myself, especially with my one word answers… ‘hey’, ‘what’s up self’, ‘call me a self one more time’, ‘ok’, ‘good’, ‘great’, ‘bye’, ‘laterz’. Actually, seriously, I have a one sentence plan: “Learn something from everyone”. Most times, I see something that somebody does well, and try to install that into my mindset or daily routine. Other times, I see something that doesn’t fit my ideals and I want to avoid that action or concept.

Boy, this feels like a journal. I hope this isn’t like that, because I’ve never been able to keep a journal longer than two times before quitting. So, if that’s the case, it’s been fun. Hope you enjoyed Andujarday and I wish you the best of luck with the return of Wednesday. Well, if this is the end, let’s go out with a matchstick of glory.

I’ve been a little distant this week to CSFBL. But that only highlights the draw of this game to me, as it continues to run without intervention from me. I can make draft picks, fiddle with lineups, sign a guy or two and not lose any more than if I were in there for several hours per day.

Massive props to the Ron Mexico owners/league rankings. I think it’s great and I hope others follow suit. I hope to add my own rankings someday. Minor props to pimp for repeating as TCL champ. Things would have turned out differently in the World Series if Reds still had Denton True

One of the best ways to find out about anyone is to listen. In this case, you’ll have to read, because this blog isn’t in audiobook format yet. Clone is a slacker.

Three Questions

This is the part of the show where I ask you to participate. I have a thread in the Open Discussion forum dedicated to this topic or you can comment at the end of this article or you can drop a note off at my house at 655 W Church St, Orlando FL. The next time I’m entertaining guests will be on Jarsday, April 20 from 7-10. That’s not too long to wait in the event that you are uneasy sharing such personal stuff online (hi trempk!)

1. What is your favorite childhood memory related to baseball?

2. What is your favorite CSFBL story?

3. What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

Here are my answers:

I have quite a few baseball memories.  I lived baseball as a kid.  I turned an unassisted triple play in t-ball, but that’s a short story and not terribly interesting.  Liner to SS, caught it, double runner up from 2B by stepping on the bag and the runner from 1B slid into 2B and he was tagged out.  My favorite story happened sometime around my 14yo age.  In my first AB of a game, I somehow fouled a ball off my upper arm.  It hurt.  I couldn’t swing.  We didn’t have another player so I continued to play.  In my next ABs, I bunted & walked.  It took about a week to heal enough to swing again, but I finished that game.  

My runner-up favorite story was similar and also quite short. I was playing up in a tourney. I was probably 10, playing with kids that were 12. Facing a pitcher throwing harder than I had ever batted against before, I got plunked in the back of the leg. Seam marks was easily visible on my leg and turned purple really fast.

My favorite CSFBL story is lost in the TCL forums somewhere. I have tried to find this many times and failed. It started when I proposed a silly trade to KozFest. Then I copied the ‘Accept’ link and posted it to the forums in a manner that Koz would definitely click, maybe the text was about the Bulls, Bradley University, 49ers, Cubs, golf course management, scrub farming, how to win 120 games and lose in the playoffs, how to lose 120 games the next season, or maybe the text was just tilted in an italic sort of way. Regardless, he clicked it and the trade was processed. HAHAHAHAHAHA. So my favorite CSFBL story is when I rick-rolled Koz into trading me a worthless AAA guy. I did report the bug to brian and he added a confirmation to the acceptance I believe. Disclaimer: I will never rickroll you on Andujarday. I will also never give you up.

The swallow: why, 25 mph of course.


New Contest: CSFBL League Playoffs:

Pick the right answers to these questions about CSFBL leagues nearing the playoffs.

MLB Opening Segment Update:

The MLB Opening Segment contest entry deadline has passed. The tracking sheet is here.

There are 7 entries. Ohtanki is my son answering the questions, everyone else should be a recognized CSFBL name. Thanks to all the participants.

It’s way too early, but on April 12th, the Padres lead the league in wins with 4.  The Dodgers were the most common selection for Most Wins, 3 people chose them.  Other teams named were White Sox, Astros, Blue Jays and Brewers.  

Many teams have 3 losses including Baltimore, who was picked by 5 of 7 entries. I don’t think there have been any no-hitters or 50 game suspensions yet. It feels a bit weird rooting for a suspension. Byron Buxton has 3 HR, nobody picked the Twins. Still, too early. I was going to do a ‘live standings’ of sorts, but I’ll save that for future posts. TOO EARLY. We are all tied in my heart.

That will do it for this week. Again, Massive props to the Ron Mexico owner rankings. I love those things