Jarsday: 4 the love of the game

Welcome to the 4th of jarsday. I hope to get to 1776 words today. I’m a bit premature in my American patrioticness. It’s only April, which reminds me… brian didn’t have any April Fool’s post this year. He must be busy working on the game. Or maybe ZubaZ55 doesn’t like jokes. Yea, it’s probably that. So, here is my favorite April Fools post from CSFBL’s past. And perhaps brian realized a decent chunk of the player base was expecting the new game, so this post followed later. So, for those who either weren’t here or missed it (like dl3mk3), I hope you enjoyed that.

A post or two ago, I mentioned a couple of players and gave them a very public shoutout for something they did in or for the game. And it got me thinking, I’m not very worldly in the CSFBL game. There are more than the approximately 15 leagues that I have a passing interest in following. Why don’t those players get shoutouts for the success they have? Just because they aren’t burdened with my presence in their leagues doesn’t mean they shouldn’t receive a little golf clap here as well. But, I don’t have that kind of desire to follow 100+ leagues, but I do have some access to write some queries. So, a regular (hopefully) blog post was born.

I hope the repetitive nature of the paragraphs don’t bother anyone right now, but I do hope to spice it up as I have more ideas. If you have any info that you think would be fun, comment below and I’ll try to make it happen. No promises, I’ve already thought about listing consecutive titles or ‘X years since the last title’ but that wasn’t easy enough for me and I moved on. Much like the Record Request Line, these are for everyone’s enjoyment so please if there are things you’d like noted along with the information already there.

Contests update

New contest next week: Spring Sports extravaganza

CSFBL Playoffs Update: Lots of updates… Beer League was won by nurmdog and Carlsburg Specials, which is a win for The Field, 4 of 5 entries got that one correct. In Jobu’s Rum, the WS is between the Vaughn’s Wild Things’z Cuyahoga River Sharks managed by strangequiet and Haywood’s Nose Hairs’ Phoenix Lights managed by pearbear82, so only jpax can get that one right. In Psi Sigma, Omega Mu’s beat Sidenaville in 5 games. Tough break for slick and, in turn, cy and jpax who chose the juggernauts over The Field. In Sons of Ivy, Seminole Swift won less the 115 and fell short of the WS title, losing in the LCS to the Sand Crabs. In LEG, the WS is between Grafton (pimp, booooo!) and Point Pleasant Mothmen (not pimp, yay!!!!!, hi hank!). Go Hank! In AAA, Phoenician Navy lost in the WS, so 2 points to cy and humie. In GOAT, the winner came from Pygmy. In CarL, Nassau won the WS in a repeat appearance and everybody got it right. And finally, in CBF, GentlemensClub won the WS which was the answer provided by 3 of 5 entries. We are good at this.

So, that’s a lot of updates… here are the scores:  

19 Humie87

17 cymaddux31

15 Andujar and citizenclone

3 jpax73. Yeah, 3. Maybe not all of us are good at this.

With only 2 leagues left until this goes final, Humie seems to have clinched at least a tie for first place.  

MLB Opening Segment Update: MLB action continues. The Mets lead the league in wins and the Reds lead the league in losses. Nobody predicted either of those. No suspensions or no-hitters yet, although Tampa threw a 9-inning no-hitter only to lose it in the 10th. 4 players are tied with 6 HR and the other questions have. . maybe, answers… and then. Well. here’s the standings. Everything is so close it really doesn’t matter right now…

Current Standings with no questions having a final answer:

10 andujar

7 mhardy and ohtanki

5 marsupial and fyewiks

3 cardinalFanatic and citizenclone

Whose house is this!!!!!! Jar’s house!