Jarsday 5: now just another Wednesday

I’m writing this on a Tuesday and I still haven’t recovered from my weekend as my children’s sports were playing as often as a 4/day league and it was the part of the CSFBL schedule where 20 consecutive games are away games. With the drive to these games, my seafat was climbing. And since 2 of the tournaments were scheduled rather late, we also had a planned group attending my house party at 655 W Church St. in Orlando on Saturday night as well. It was a weekend that 25yo me would have possibly relished, but 46yo me was dragging. On Sunday I skipped a possible tripleheader of baseball to rest and it was the smartest thing I did all weekend. I’m not a 1-4-7 starter any longer.

So yesterday was a recovery day. But I was still suffering from some mental fatigue and I misplaced my airpods, which would have been OK but I have a notoriously ridiculous co-worker who likes to toggle his mumbling and yelling and I was forced to listen. Today, his excitement was a health insurance requirement due in 3 weeks that he had to run home to get copies of birth certificates to complete. It was the equivalent of pre-ranking the entire draft list 5 minutes after it was made available. But recovery is a relative term. My evening still had 3 different practices: school football ending at 5:30, basketball from 6:15 to 8 and, my favorite, work softball practice from 5:30 until beer is gone.

Work softball is my favorite time of the year and it runs from May through July. I won’t subject the Jarsday blog to the softball blog, but I’m certain I’ll write more about it than I have about Orlando City soccer. Groan if you havta, you can ignore it if you’d like.

Today’s CSFBL topic is how to play the game and not get crushed when life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look at CSFBL once in a while, you could miss draft picks.

Check the Franchise Page – Look at the league date.  

  1. If it’s preseason, set up the FOA. Nothing is worse than getting a bad FOA set. If you really struggle with this, get yourself in Full FOA leagues and avoid this struggle.
  2. If it’s postseason and you are in it, you’ll have to at least manage your pitching. If you can’t check it every sim, set a 4-man rotation and let it roll. Put a bad pitcher in the SP5 and change your Manager page to 4-man rotation.
  3. While on the Franchise Page, check for your next draft pick. Unless you are managing 20 teams, it is likely you won’t have many picks coming in a 3 day window. I like to check once a day and make a list of 8 or less players. When number of picks is less than 8, it is certainly easier to make a shorter list.
  4. That’s it. Remember, you don’t have time for this ish. Do the important stuff and let the game run. When you have time, you can catch up on the last 30 games and point out all the perfect games your team had.

Contests update

New contest next week: I know I promised a Spring Sports extravaganza contest today, but I’m going to wait a week.  That will allow the NBA/NHL questions to be more pointed and still have time to get horse/car/soccer/tennis/golf/etc in there.  

CSFBL Playoffs Update: Cuyahoga River Sharks won the WS out of the Vaughn’s Wild Thangs division, which was the only unpicked division. So, zeros all around. In LEG, the winner was Point Pleasant Mothmen over the Corruption. Pimpman falleth the hardeth.

With all precincts reporting, here are the final standings:

23 Humie87

19 Andujar

17 cymaddux31

15 citizenclone

3 jpax73

0 everybody else

Congrats to Humie, the first winner of many.

MLB Opening Segment Update is: The Mets no-hit the Phillies this week, so we have one answer that is final. Wins… Yankees 17, Mets 16, 4 with 15. Cincinnati 3, next is 7. Wow. HR leader is Rizzo (NYY) at 9, with Cron (COL) and Judge (NYY) at 8. Teams vs teams added in totals but not listed here in the rundown

Current Standings

17 mhardy_03, citizenclone

14 Fyewiks

12 Marsupial311

10 Ohtanki

8 CardinalFanatic

7 Andujar (first to last in a week!)

Who’s house is this, Not Jar’s House!