Jar6day: Who’s still here

What a wild horse weekend!  I’m glad I held off on the Spring Sports contest because it would have been pretty boring to have nobody pick the right winner of the Kentucky Derby.  At the derby party I attended, 4 of 20 placed bets on that donkey.  I was not one of them, but my horses came in 3rd and 4th so at least I had a sweat.  I may be a weirdo, but I don’t watch the race.  I watch the people watching the race.  It’s more exciting to me.  

Someday soon, I’ll post about CSFBL longshots. Teams that won the WS with the least wins, had to upset the teams with the most wins, scored the least runs in the league, allowed the most runs in the league. Thanks to balmers for the ideas, now I only have to pull the data. But that is a future idea. If you have any ideas or data requests, please post them into the Record Requests thread.

Anyway, let’s giddy-up into the contest I have been promising.

Spring Sports – Join me and match your predictive skills for the biggest events of the spring. Sorry, no cricket. deadline for entry is Friday, May 13 at midnight.

The MLB opening segment contest is final. The end date for each question was after Sunday’s game. The correct answer for most wins was the Mets! Oddly, nobody chose the Mets. Similarly, the Reds have the least wins and nobody selected them either. 4 players are tied for the HR lead, and they play for NYYankees (2), Minnesota and Colorado. Hardy and Clone wisely chose the Yankees. Those who leaned into Ohtani/Trout and Guerrero came up empty.

It was a close contest, with several ties including for first place.  The tiebreaker question was Highest attendance of a Marlins home game.  On opening day, the Marlins reported 31184 in attendance.  Based on that, here are the places for the MLB contest:

14 citizenclone (13131 tiebreaker guess)

14 mhardy_03 (11111)

11 Fyewiks (15000)

11 marsupial311 (10392)

9 ohtanki

9 andujar

5 CardinalFanatic

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