7arsday: self imposed deadlines

I’ve always published this post at 8:30.  I’ve had a few snags that actually resulted in a publish time that was a bit later, but it was always completed and scheduled to release at 0830 EST.  Well, it’s 0820 and I’m just getting started.  But, it may work out, I have a bit of a history of working well under time crunches.  Sometimes a test tomorrow is remembered after several drinks.  Sometimes a coworker quits in the middle of a job.  Sometimes a boss ‘needs’ a task in 15 minutes.  

If you haven’t had a boss like that, then you are really lucky. Or you are the boss. One of the biggest almost-mistakes I made in my career was thinking I could explain triple constraints concept to my boss. Luckily, I got the subject changed before I got into it, because this boss was not going to react well to me telling him he couldn’t have exactly what he asked. I was young and stupid and going to school for my masters. The concept is simple, in a project, the choice between good, fast and cheap must be made. You can only choose two. If you want it good and fast, it will be expensive. If you want it good and cheap, it will take much longer. If you want it fast and cheap, it will be poorly made. Well, today you are probably getting fast and cheap. If you want none of those, you can recruit one of boicey’s teams.

I didn’t prepare this last night because I attended the local high school baseball game.  It was a playoff game in Florida class 3A.  My town, The Villages Charter, won 2-1.  Their playoff run is a stretch of 3 games that pigge would hate.  Total score has been 6-2.  The start was delayed for almost 2 hours due to lightning in the area.  I have no idea what ‘the area’ is defined as, but our skies were not threatening.   

I hear you, “well, that’s great, wtf does that have to do with CSFBL, or me, or anything remotely entertaining donkeylver.”, “get off the stage”, “get a life loser, in fact, just delete your life.”.  Woah woah woahhh.  I do have some fun interested CSFBL stuff.  Put down the pitchfork stinkypete.  

Balmers suggested longshot CSFBL title winners after the longshot horse won the Kentucky Derby.  I have prepared the data but it is not quite ready for post to the forums yet.  I’ll link here when it’s ready.  We’ve posted somewhere about straight wins for a WS winner and I know smittias/vashon posted about teams that were X games worse than their opponents in the playoffs.  I’m taking a different angle today.  Of the 15K+ seasons completed in the CSFBL database, 30 WS winners ranked 24th in runs scored.  That is dead last in scoring runs for their league.  Of those 30 teams, exactly half, 15 teams, were 1st in their league in run prevention.  So, those teams aren’t longshots.  On the other end of those last-ranked run scoring teams, the worst ranked team was 6th in runs allowed.  

If you flip it around and look at teams that were ranked 24th in runs allowed there are significantly fewer.  Only 4 teams were ranked last in prevention and won the WS.  As you would expect, those teams were 1st in scoring runs.  

Combining the two ranks, the worst team to win a WS had a sum rank of 37.  21st in runs scored and 16th in runs allowed.  As you’d expect, they weren’t great.  They won 78 regular season games and were 12-7 in the playoffs.  Two teams that had a sum rank of 36 won the WS.  A team ranked 23rd in runs scored and 13th in runs allowed managed to go 12-5 in the playoffs after a 78 win regular season.  Perhaps more remarkable, a team ranked 18th in both RS and RA won a title by winning a Game 7 in each round.  

More info will be found in the forums thread with this data.

That’s going to do it for me today. Hope your Jarsday was entertaining and insightful. Comment below or in the Jarsday thread for topics you’d like to read about or tell me how offended you are by emailing clone at nevergonnareadthis@jarsday.idowhatiwant.com