Five Upcoming Decisions For Your League

The upcoming changes to CSFBL are big enough that every league is going to be touched. As much as possible, we’ve provided options for leagues to choose how they want to play – the other side of that coin is that commissioners have a handful of decisions to discuss with their leagues. A lot of leagues have already started this process – we want to help the others get started.

We’ve created a League Decision Guide to try and help leagues think through their preferences for five leagues settings.

On June 8th, existing leagues will get these default settings:

Sim Model: CSFBL Classic (current model)
Scouting: Scouting On (full allocation leagues will have scouting off)
Potentials: Summary ratings for batting/pitching/fielding
Draft Order: Standard Draft Order
Salary Cap: Same as current Salary Cap

If your league wants to choose different options immediately at the time of the update, or if I can provide more information to help with these choices, please let me know by PM or find me @Clone on the CSFBL Discord server, otherwise leagues can wait until their next preseason to change any of the above defaults.

We can’t promise a pain-free transition, but we’ll try to help make it as smooth a transition as we can.