Jars9ay: if you believe it, you can achieve it

Big changes are coming. But the game keeps spinning until it happens. Yesterday I posted about each perfect game in May. They are the rarest and best of achievements, says me. But other achievements are also pretty neat. On Jars9ay, we are going to deep dive into several achievement worthy performances in May and prior when necessary.


In May, there were 74 no-hitters by the starting pitcher. As you may or may not know, CSFBL does not give achievements for combined no-hitters. And since searching through the game logs for teams that didn’t get a hit against more than one pitcher is a bit out of my time/skill range right now. A quick scroll through the 74 games revealed something I did not expect to see. 3 pitchers had 2 no-hitters in the month.

Edward Otto of Pompano 26° Tap & Brewery managed by trashman threw no-hitters here and here

VJ “The Grift” Gupta of Death Valley Demons managed by jdub67 had no-hitters here and here

Paul Lamont of Bourbon Ancien Regime managed by hornetjohn hurled no-hitters here and here.


47 players hit 4 homers in a game.  Nobody did it twice.  The last time a player hit 5 HR in a game was April 24th by Paul Aguilar of Oklahoma City Stallions managed by Jarry Park.


23 players drove in 10 or more runs in a game in May.  

Charles Hale of Cali Green Reefers managed by felizondojr had 2 games that went over that threshold and he also had the most in the month with 13 in this game


In May, 4 players had 7 hits in a game.  

The last time a player had 8 hits in a game was on January 19th in the ToC Championship Season when James Bertrand did it for the Carleton Swingers managed by ClaytonKershaw (vs a human owned team ftr)


There were 14 games where a player scored 6 or more runs in May.  Nobody did it twice, nobody scored more than 6.  Moving on.


Now here’s a category that is way more fun in simulation than reality.  126 times a player walked 5 times in a game.  Only 2 players did it twice.  

Richard Field of Louisville Colonels managed by JoeMoe124 did it here and here.

Jonathan Brown of Kuala Lumpur Hash House Harriers managed by stinky_pete did it here and here.

There were 8 games of those 126 where a player walked 6 times.  The last time a player walked 7 times in a game was Charles Payne on February 7th this year

Stolen Bases

In the group there is the most repetition because you have to be fast to steal. there were 83 games of 4 or more steals. 6 players did it twice. 4 players had 5 steals. They were too fast to grab their player ids for a link.

Grand Slams

I was genuinely curious about how often a 2 Grand Slam game happens.  In May, there were 64 such games.  No player did it more than once.  

The last player to hit 3 Grand Slams in a game was Joe Colon of Baltimore Orioles managed by dteggers on April 9th of this year.

No player has hit 4 Grand Slams in a game according to the records in the database.


There were 337 cycles in May.  Only 2 players had 2.

Dwayne Preston of Lenswood Gamblers managed by dk191 had two in 6 sims.

Stuart Lee of Louisville Black Caps managed by JamesJustin also had two.


There were 7 games with 20 or more strikeouts by a pitcher.  The most was 22 in this game by Tom Snyder of the Boston Braves in Spring Training managed by hawk-champ

Outfield Assists

We are getting into the depths here.  44 players had 3 or more outfield assists in a game in May.  Nobody did it twice.  Two players had 4 in a game.

Henry Johnson of Seminole Stingrays managed by jondekoeyer did it here.

Fred Desantis of Diamond Kings managed by pearbear82 did it here.


9 poor bastards had 4 errors in a game.

The last time a player had 5 errors in a game was Jacob Edwards in the ToC Final Table season in a drone vs drone game on January 20th this year

Prior to that, Robert Laborde, of the BARWOOD BARRONS managed by starbreaker,  did it on January 14th this year

Caught Stealing

25 players were busted on the bases 3 times in a game in May.  Lucky for them, none of them did it twice.  

The last player to get caught 4 times in a game was Jeffrey King on Oct 22, 2021 of Janes Addiction Baltimore Orioles managed by dteggers. Dteggers is the first repeat owner in this compilation. Congrats, sorta.

There are a couple of negative pitching achievements left to look at…

HR Allowed

In May, 236 pitchers allowed 5 or more HR in a game.  Perhaps the Dead Ball era will curtail this a bit… Several pitchers did it twice.  1 unlucky soul did it three times.  

Bradley Perrin accomplished the feat with the Masonville Cuddly Bears managed by beanballer43 here, there and everywhere.

10 pitchers managed to allow 6 HR in a game.  Mike Mussina did it in MLB World here.

The last pitcher to allow more than 6 was Terry Donnelly in MLB Throwback on April 25th.  

Hit Batters

Possibly my favorite category.  21 pitchers hit 4 or more batters in a game in the month of May.  Nobody did it twice.  Nobody hit more than 4.  Disappointing.  Too much control around here.  

The last pitcher to hit 5 in a game was Julio Jorden on April 30th this year.

Spring Contests Update

There are 9 entries into the Spring Sports Contest. The NBA and NHL playoffs are ongoing. The Premier League was won by Manchester City, everybody except clone got that one correct. Sorry, buddy. The Champions League was won by Real Madrid, 6/9 got that right.

At the time of this writing, Tuesday afternoon, Yankees, Mets and Dodgers each have 33 wins, so any answer is in play.  And all 3 answers were chosen.  I can’t believe I’m going to root for the Dodgers today.  Tiger Woods withdrew from the PGA Championship so we all got that right as everyone expected him to finish out of the top 20.  The event was won by Justin Thomas who was in the ‘A Name’ category.  Nobody selected that group. Marcus Ericsson won the Indy 500 and he was a Field guy.  

With 5 questions answered and 4 remaining, here are the standings…

9 – Drinkslinger, fyewiks, humie87

7 – randyb33, crimedog60, GB Ray, andujar

5 – citizenclone, balmers