June 8th Updates almost here!

Tomorrow, June 8th, the site will be down for major game updates, likely the largest updates we’ve seen. If you have been out of the loop, and you’d like to dig into the details of the updates, you can read here – June 2022: The Umpire Strikes Back, or check out the slides for further details here – CSFBL:USB, or check out the League Decision Guide for immediate league decisions, or see Zubaz’s discuss them here – Zubaz updates on the updates, or check the running list of Frequently Asked Questions, or check the ongoing discussions on Discord or in the forums.

We are very excited about what the future holds, but we also know we’re causing some upheaval and everyone is going to have to do some relearning. Below is a table of all the default league settings to expect tomorrow, and details on when/how they can be changed for leagues that do not want the default.

If you need to discuss league settings with me or have more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me, citizenclone by Forums PM or @Clone on Discord.

SettingDefault after 6/8 UpdateHow to change
ScoutingScouting ON
(Current 'Full Allocation' leagues Scouting OFF)
Let me know ASAP, else you can place request for scouting change before preseason.
PotentialsIndividual PotentialsLet me know ASAP, else you choose Summary Potentials from Commish settings, change applied next season.
Sim EraCSFBL ClassicChoose Free Agent Era or Dead Ball Era from the commish settings. Change applied the next season.
Draft OrderStandard Draft OrderSelect Draft Lottery from commish settings. Change applied next season.
Salary CapSame Salary Cap as before updateCan change from commish settings at any time.