Mentor Leagues are back

I am excited to announce the first new Mentor League in a good while, Training Day.

This league is open to anybody interested in participating, and is intended to be a fun time for folks looking to help each other figure out the new elements of this game together. We’re looking for managers willing to share observations, tips, strategies with each other in this new era, over just trying to crush the competition. (Maybe there can be room for both)

I am reaching out to newer managers around CSFBL, but everybody is in the same boat of trying to get their bearings with all the changes, and if you’ve been around a long time, as long as you are open to trying out new options you are welcome to join. G Sparks, Luke, and I will be running the league, and likely some of us playing at the same time – we’re learning too.

If you are interested in being a part of this league, find me at citizenclone on the Forums or @Clone on Discord.