A11dujarsday: The numbers don’t fit into the dumb name anymore.

That won’t stop me from try12g.  

It’s been a week since The Update. I’m keeping an open mind regarding the project. I see there are people that aren’t and there is nothing I can do about that. But I see many that are and for that I am thankful.

For those that are upset, I urge you to be patient.  I also kindly request posting details about the changes you do not like.  That is the only way others will know what you do not like.  Saying ‘this is terrible, why did you do this’ contains nothing of use.

For those that are thinking of leaving the game because of it, I recommend spending 30 minutes reading Who Moved my Cheese.

Personally, I’m not giddy about every change that was made. Maybe my expectations were raised because I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the automated in game draft and the user records information was such as hit. But I’m keeping an open mind. The development team, testing group, and the user community have put a ton of thought and work into building the update, releasing it, testing it, playing it, learning it.

It’s also important to remember, this is the beginning. Much of this update is laying the groundwork for even bigger ideas down the road.

To the CSFBL team, keep chugging down the road and thank you! I appreciate the efforts to make the game better and dare to dream along with you.

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