CBT’s ‘Enhancement Suite’ tool

In the long-standing tradition of users adapting the game to their own specs – be it with Live Drafts, or statistical reports, or Vashon’s batch of tools. Cardboardtube heard a lot of the suggestions from around CSFBL since the USB update, and has created a UI extension that some of you may be interested in. (We immediately broke part of it with free agent/roster page UI updates, but he has an update coming soon for that as well)

This is his own independent creation, it’s a great idea, and you can talk to him if you have any questions or suggestions – find out more on the forums CSFBL Enhancement Suite.

From cardboardtube:
“The Umpire Strikes Back update introduced a cornucopia of changes to CSFBL with impacts ranging from trivial to tectonic. Some of these updates have been lauded. Others have been panned.

Many complaints focused on changes to the user interface. In an attempt to rectify at least some of these, I am announcing the CSFBL Enhancement Suite.

The CSFBL Enhancement Suite (CES) is a chrome extension available at the Chrome Web Store (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/csfbl-enhancement-suite/ofnoeaneiendndjennfkicpejnkmpold?hl=en&authuser=0). CES is an add-on to the browser that allows you to customize the CSFBL UI to your liking.

A full list of customization options is available from the store page linked above, but highlights include the abilities to: * convert letter grades to your choice of numeric ranges or numeric estimations (i.e. A- to 85-89 or ~87) * rearrange draft lists to put potentials beneath actuals * calculate endurance percentage (Note: This is not equivalent to the pre-USB update fatigue percentage) * show/hide overall ratings * use the old rating colors

The extension is available in Google Chrome (and Chromium derivatives), Microsoft Edge, and Opera.