Andujarsday 12. Let’s rank everything

I’ve been tossing my ideas around in my head for quite some time. Everybody loves rankings and lists. Almost everybody, nobody wants to be last. Before the VICK rankings, before Rent produced a road map for any CSFBL developer that wants to make stats nerds giggle like schoolgirls, before smittias and team listed best current players and decade recaps and all sorts of other interesting topics, before Jelly Rankings showing the best, worst, hottest and coldest teams… Before all that, a man named crocko produced one of the coolest and cruelest rankings I’ve ever seen.

The Crocko Award was a TCL forum innovation of crocko33. Crocko was a formative personality for me. His joy in the game seemed to come from the job of keeping stats. HR/SB clubs, HoF, All Star, Records, league administration. He was a force in producing stats and activity for a league. The most infamous of these was the Crocko Award. Each season he produced a ranking of league SS on some sort of criteria that he never shared with the league. And each season, the league argued the merits or lack thereof of the SS on the list. Crocko was called names, his formula was mocked, he was accused of rigging the scores, hopefully all in good fun, but regardless, he kept producing the list. And each season, that list produced discussion and interest until crocko died. RIP crocko33. He didn’t really die, he just left CSFBL & TCL.

I’ve long thought that I could produce something like that.  But, if I did, I’d share the criteria to make it the most accurate ranking that I could make, but also to create more interest and discussion.  Another thing I’ve recently learned is that Jarsday posts take all the time and effort that I’m willing to put forth on a weekly basis.  So the ranking system needs to be very reusable.  

My idea of what should be ranked changes often but it’s definitely not just titles.  I’d call it success.  Titles, LCS wins, DCS wins, Playoff Appearances, Wins, 80+ wins, avoiding disaster seasons.  Also, success indicators like runs difference and team ops and oops may be something I look to rank.

I don’t really understand nor want to get involved in more complicated ideas like strength of schedule, park factors, or expected value of draft picks here.  They are informative concepts but I’m just drawing a line for now.

I’m going to use CSFBL criteria for ownership standards.  Owners have to have the team at the start and end of the season to qualify.  If an owner hasn’t had the team for the number of seasons that the ranking includes, they aren’t responsible for those seasons and they will not be factored into their score.

My intent is to give each owner a score of 24 to 1 in each category for a season.  Then average the season score for 10/15/20/all seasons and have a ranking for inside the league.  

A future step will be using owner scores across their leagues to compare leagues to get a league ranking.  The assumption I’m carrying here is that an owner that does better in one league over another league is because one league is tougher competition.  

A future, future step would be to put those league and owner rankings together to create a game-wide ranking system.

If you have an idea for a ranking system that can be built using data like this, please contact me through the andujarsday thread in the forums and I’d love to work with you to create a reusable product that can produce rankings on a regular basis for consumption by the CSFBL masses.

Spring Sports Contest Update

We are only waiting on NHL to finish up now that the Celtics lost.  Colorado leads Tampa 2-1


17 drinkslinger

15 GB Ray

13 andujar, citizenclone, Humie87

11 crimedog60, fyewiks, randyb33

9 balmers

If Colorado wins, drinkslinger, citizenclone, Humie87, randyb33 and balmer will pick up 4 points.

If Tampa wins, fyewiks gets 4 points.

There were a couple Panther choices and andujar foolishly homered in a Blues choice.

Next contest will be a Summer contest so start scouting Competitive Eaters, some MLB, and who knows what else.