Just another manic jarsday

Welcome to today, andujarsday the 14th. That’s how many games back I finished in both the redraft leagues. My draft strategy of taking a vacation during the draft didn’t work out too well. Better luck next draft. I did try really hard to cover up my draft misses. I used many tricks that I’ve learned and posted about. I even used some stats. And let me tell you… when it comes to this game, i love statistics. I want more stats. I want stats raining from all corners. I want stats available to try to find an edge. I want stats available to remember great teams or relive moments.

I’ve asked/begged for ideas and many have responded. The Record Requests forum was quite a success in my opinion and continues to be available for anything that just pops into your head. But sometimes, I just have to follow my instincts.

One of the things I’ve been working on when there are no record requests is an expanded standings query. My hope would be to hand the query off to the development team and it would be much simpler to build it into the game. Hopefully, that would be a page that is then available to every league on demand.

I’ve tested the query by posting the results to the TCL and Hippy Moshpit leagues. If you would like the results posted to your league forums, comment here or contact me through the forums, or discord, or send a raven or owl, put a horse’s head in my bed, page me, ring the tin can on my wall, snap me bro, use the force, pass me a note, start a rumor, tell your mom to tell me, whisper it into your neighbor’s ear, say my name three times, put the message in a bottle with a tiny ship, write a song about it, or just text me, or make a video, or just scream it from your nearest mountaintop. I’m here for you.

Expanded standings could be expanded many ways.  Teams records when a pitcher starts, not just when the guy gets a decision.  Records when a player plays, or when the player plays a certain position.  And those records when a player doesn’t play.  Records when starter pitcher goes N innings.  Records when a player hits a HR.  Records when a team turns 3 or more double plays.  Records for records.  Records of records.  All the records!  Note, I’ve actually built a bit of this and wouldn’t mind testing it on YOU!  First three commenters on this blog entry will get a forum post of my latest expanded standings team query.  It’s neat!  And totally hasn’t helped my team at all, but it is fun to look at.

Another piece of data that I feel would be tons of fun is trade info.  I’ve played with a query that can report trades for a league, for a season, for a team.  TCL has made over 4300 trades in its history.  Approx 2100 of them was clone or pimp silver tonguing someone (sounds gross, and it is).  With a little effort, a user’s entire history of trades could be accessible to review.  The trades could be separated by all the same criteria that user records are.

Have any other great stats ideas? Hit me bro. I like stats.