Jarsday Mate!

Let’s put another shrimp on the barbie.

I’m sorry. I didn’t do my homework for today. This part of July is a busy time in my social calendar. Employee League Softball is in the playoffs, which means games on Monday and Thursday, weather permitting, potentially for the next 3 gamedays. Our playoffs are a simple double elimination tournament which would be a really fun CSFBL postseason concept. Potentially for the teams that don’t make the playoffs?

I enjoy simple one-off competitions, as you may have read from my enjoyment of the US Open Cup soccer tournament. Sorry to Dax and koller. Orlando advanced on penalties and I will be hosting another house party on Church Street on July 27th. Orlando City soccer is packed in July. Games tonight (away at least), a friendly vs Arsenal next week and Open Cup in two weeks, that means games on Saturday and Jarsday every week this month.

So, please forgive me for playing Minecraft with the summer vacation kids from 6-1 last night and ignoring Jarsday.  It was a large bit of karma that a baby zombie backed me into a creeper at 12:30 which in turn broke me and several fence posts which let all my cows out that didn’t die in the blast.  I was so close to reaching my goal of 30 levels without using any armor.  But I set a new high of 23 levels without armor, recovered all my stuff and rebuilt the fence with 4 cows inside.  

I would have spent sooo much time playing Minecraft as a kid, I probably would still live with my parents.  It would be awesome!  My minecraft worlds would be awesome, not living with my parents, that would be just ok depending on the chores or rent they charge.  Not everyone can have rent for free.

And, there you have it, a CSFBL free Jarsday. Apologies to the hardcores. Answer the riddle first on the forums and you can decide what the next Jarsday is about.

Thanks for reading!