Jarsday 16: You can’t go back

Sometimes these things write themselves.  This is one of those.  It wasn’t one of those yesterday at about 4:45.  At that point, I had no idea what was going to be here.

Everything was standard.  Ducking out of work a few minutes early to get to a work sanctioned round of golf.  Excited because I haven’t golfed in months.  My truck battery had other ideas.  It was dead.  Minor setback, I have cables, because this is part of having a vehicle.  But, it wouldn’t jump.  So, golf was out because you can’t show up late for a tee time, that’s worse than starting a left-handed third baseman.  My wife was in the area and picked me up.  

The place I got the battery (and tires and all things vehicle) is amazing.  It’s the kind of Southern place that fake Southern people wish they were.  They greet you in the parking lot and check you in there.  Everyone is polite and helpful and not in your face about it.  Amazing place.  But they are closed at 5 and this means I’m done for the day.  

The new plan was to get a new battery in the morning with several options to get the battery to the shop.  My least favorite plan was take the battery out and put the new one in myself.  That’s the one I did because it didn’t jump in the morning.  I had a charger but it was far away from an outlet.  And despite no mechanical skills, I decided towing it for a dead battery was not something I was willing to do.  So, 8:30 to 10 was spent taking a battery out, getting a new one and putting it back in.

I survived.  I’ll spare the details.  There were a few sparks.  I half expected to be shocked several times, but didn’t get in any electrocise.  I still don’t know how some of it worked.  I even used all the parts.  And the truck started.  Everything is awesome.

One detail of the process was borrowing my father-in-law’s car.  It did not have a backup camera and I realized that I use that feature very much.  And what occurred to me after I very cautiously reversed and was moving forward is that you can’t go back.  Once something happens that changes a process, relearning is hard.  Whether it is backing a vehicle using mirrors, or scouting a draft list with different information, or trying to decide how to develop prospects or what positions they will play, or determining your best lineup and platoons.  You can’t go back.  

I’ve struggled with this part of the latest update and there are probably amatuer psychos that know which stage of grief I’m in or a coping mechanism I’m using, but looking forward is the only course of action for me. Watching the survey results video was helpful. I like the warm fuzzy knowing that the results are being used and that the team is taking the time to produce the info. I hope it’s helpful in plotting the course. I hope they are moving forward and regardless, I’m moving forward.

And my auto shop helps me. Today it was a customer paying their bill that pointed out: “Hey! This isn’t right.” I immediately grabbed some virtual popcorn. Then he says he wasn’t charged for something else they did. The clerk didn’t get defensive right away either. The guy that met me in the parking lot, and checked my battery, and walked to the office with me, was working on something when I came out with my receipt for a new battery. He smiled and asked for a minute, then got a new battery and carried it to my car. This is how I view the CSFBL community. We are here for different reasons, but we are here for each other. And I’m here for yall too. Have a great day!