Community (non-Champions) Roundup – 7/30/22

Update on the week that was and what is going on in the near future.

This past week

  • Early results back on Thursday’s updates:

    July CSFBL Classic games pre-update – 6.94 runs per game.
    Games since the update – 8.80 runs per game

    To read more about the details of the update – July 2022 Update

The near future

  • We are deep in testing of the player development model, including long-term testing of how draft lists, aging, and development curves interact. We’ll give you more details when they are in.
  • Zubaz is planning his return to podcasting in the very near future now that he figured out what the wifi password is.
  • I have a new tournament of a very different sort than the Tournament of Champions that I will be running in the near future, more details to come.


  • Folks are hard at work on the revamped look of CSFBL. We’re not ready for sneak peaks, but here is what 77% might look like.
77% of what??

Have a good weekend.