Jarsday 19: screwing up our draft. And screwing up jarsday 19 on the 19th of this year

It has been a wild non-CSFBL week for me. Sometimes I think I just have too much going on. School started and the young adults are back in the classroom. To celebrate, I had social activities until 2am on Friday which is where I learned about the great Florida snake hunt; and 1am on Saturday, which I won’t bore you or torture myself by talking about the soccer game.

Sunday, took kids to Universal which featured the most Florida of events ever. There was gridlock on the FL turnpike from Leesburg to Winter Garden until it finally goes to 4 lanes. It can’t handle the volume any longer and there are crashes and slowdowns all the time. FDOT is expanding it now but it is a bit reactive when they could have been proactive. Considering the tolls are $20 round-trip, I’m considering opening my own highway to compete.

Once we got there, lightning was in the area despite blue skies. Things went smooth after that. I used to really enjoy roller coasters, but now I just hope I survive. Rip Ride Rocket (link is kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon youtube) is ok and only scary for me when it slows down. Hulk is a fantastic ride. Velocicoaster is super intense, but I rode it again. Skipped the Doom Fall ride, never liked those drops.

After this weekend, I’m going to change my name to jarCantHang.

So, essentially that means you get a bad Jarsday post today. User Rankings have fallen to the sidelines. Things I’ve told clone I’d do are 50%. Walkoffs will have to wait. Balmers ideas, while very fun and interesting, and secret, but not top secret, don’t raid me please, wait.

The contest had a record turnout of 14 entrants. I left it open through Monday because I like you. A quick look at the answers, which you can view it here:

WS winner:  2 – Yankees, 2 – Dodgers, 10 – other NL team, 0 – other AL team

Will any of Braves, Blue Jays, Brewers or Padres miss the playoffs? 10 – Yes, 4 – No

Will one of Rays, Guardians, Red Sox, Giants or Orioles make the playoffs? 14 – Yes  (bad question or menstruation syncing?)

Who will win the World Cup? 7 – Brazil, 1 – France, 4 – previous champ, 2 – first time champ

Will Canada advance to the knockout round? 8 – Yes, 6 – No

Will USA advance to the knockout round? 11 – Yes, 3 – No

Will Saudi Arabia score a goal in the World Cup? 7 – Yes, 7 – No

Who will win the US Open Cup? 10 – Orlando City, 4 Sacremento Republic  (thanks for humoring me)

Who will win MLS Supporters Shield? 8 – LAFC, 5 – Union, blank – fyewiks; I’ll still accept an answer in the comments here or in the Andujar’s day thread.  

Comments, discussion and recommendation for any jarsday or contests are encouraged in the andu jarsday thread.

Thanks for sticking with me through all the good times!