Lineup Lockdown – Full Preseason Data

If you submitted an entry, your team should now be in your franchise. Preseason will last until Thursday Noon EDT, 9/29/22 (note, we are expecting some likely downtime Wednesday evening for updates, plan accordingly) – you have until then to set your defense, lineups, rotations, depth charts, manager settings, and stadiums like you want them – and then we are taking the teams back from you. There is no trading or free agency and yes, you can change positions of your players if want to – note that playing out of position and changing position has the same impact on Actuals for the current year. Rest of the contest details HERE if you need a refresher.

I’ll add more data here through the day, but here is something to play with. – for player refresher

Here is a chart with the number of times picked, percentage of teams a player is on and the % of times they were picked adjusted by amount of picks per round.


PlayerPosRdTimes Picked% Teams Owned% Over/Under Random Pick
Robert NorrisP613479.8219
Nelson SwaffordCF810562.5100
Clifton SieberLF810160.192.4
Lon WilliamsP810160.192.4
Donald Hodgkins3B810059.590.5
Derrick ClarkP79355.466.1
John NorrisP89355.477.1
Richard CunninghamP7895358.9
Willie StimpsonP38751.8107.1
Jay GrahamP58047.690.5
Gene NosalP57745.883.3
Ryan EllingtonLF47544.678.6
Michael Arocho2B77242.928.6
Rufus SammonsSS77242.928.6
Jose HigdonCF37142.369
Michael GerberP47041.766.7
Corin QuinnC86941.131.4
Felix BretzC76739.919.6
John Penrose1B86739.927.6
Kenneth SebastianP76438.114.3
Brad Jacobs1B36337.550
Craig CrandellCF65935.140.5
Edward Kim3B35935.140.5
David CascioC55834.538.1
Steven RyanP15532.796.4
Antonio Goodwin3B65532.731
Paul Wise2B45432.128.6
Victor JohnsonP75432.1-3.6
Dominic HeinP55432.128.6
Richard Bean2B55331.526.2
Michael SlocumCF75130.4-8.9
Aaron CookP25029.878.6
Joseph AdamsP44828.614.3
Chad PearsonP14627.464.3
Mathew Jeffreys1B24627.464.3
Jonathan BoothP54627.49.5
Andy GrantP64325.62.4
Moses PeerSS442250
Glenn MedranoRF642250
Clifford Silva1B64023.8-4.8
Robert KyzerC13923.239.3
Marshall Mann2B33822.6-9.5
Joey SheahanC43822.6-9.5
Benjamin EdwardsP1372232.1
Russell MunozLF53722-11.9
Ryan Heater3B73722-33.9
Douglas DelgadoP43621.4-14.3
Kenneth PerrySS23520.825
Charles GibsonSS63420.2-19
Richard WilliamP23319.617.9
Brian ColeP33319.6-21.4
Daniel CorkRF13319.617.9
David OrtizCF43319.6-21.4
Dewey BookerP2321914.3
Lyle HamlinRF43219-23.8
Luke Bush3B43219-23.8
William AdamsP83219-39
Ronald LeblancSS33219-23.8
Carl LewisP23118.510.7
David SmithLF23118.510.7
Larry TrujilloSS53118.5-26.2
Rob GuthrieLF73118.5-44.6
Alastor GarciaSS83118.5-41
William RichardsonC23017.97.1
Jimmy SeymourSS13017.97.1
Stephen SaldivarP43017.9-28.6
Richard TudorP12917.33.6
Benjamin Sumpter1B82917.3-44.8
Willie SwiftP32917.3-31
Martin HillC62816.7-33.3
Oliver NeuhausP32816.7-33.3
Phil PerezLF12716.1-3.6
Mark SiniardP72716.1-51.8
Johnny Gauthier3B52514.9-40.5
Joseph MalickP82514.9-52.4
Tyrone Allen2B82414.3-54.3
Jason DuncanP32414.3-42.9
Paul SantoraP82414.3-54.3
Victor PerkinsC32313.7-45.2
Charles Smith1B52213.1-47.6
Hal Luckett2B62213.1-47.6
Michael SeilerP61810.7-57.1
Weldon WalterP61810.7-57.1
William SnellCF51710.1-59.5
J.R. DanaherRF31710.1-59.5
Ronald Lentz2B2169.5-42.9
Robert SanonCF2169.5-42.9
Edward GarrisonP1158.9-46.4
Edward Hotaling3B1158.9-46.4
Robert MoskowitzRF7158.9-73.2
Florencio BoykinRF8148.3-73.3
Dennis BattlesP4148.3-66.7
Edward StewartP8137.7-75.2
Robert OwensP8127.1-77.1
Jeffery TorresP6116.5-73.8
Ronald VargaP295.4-67.9
Jamar Abdullah3B274.2-75
Brian ColsonCF153-82.1
Julio Webb2B153-82.1
Gary MorganP542.4-90.5

Most similar entries

Most Similar

Entry 1Entry 2Matching Picks
domermr. hamburger19
Keith WestAria18
bratschmr. hamburger18

And least similar entries

Least Similar

Entry 1Entry 2Matches

Five guys were up early enough to try my little side-contest to guess the most and least picked players. This came to mind when I was watching picks come in and stuck at 99 players picked for about three days. (Last player picked was 2B Julio Webb, which I would not have guessed).

Yes Man has his finger on the pulse of the picks, and JPax was best at picking the snubbed. Crimedog managed to pick two of the least picked players overall in his most picked list, I bet he just flipped it around, right Crimedog?!?

Guess the Most and Least Picked

Most SimilarPickedLeast SimilarPicked
dl3mk3John Norris, Lon Williams, Rufus Sammons266Phil Perez, Richard Tudor, Dewey Booker88
yes manP Derrick Clark, P Richard Cunningham, P Lon Williams.2833B Edward Hotaling, CF Robert Sanon, P Dewey Booker.63
cy madduxRyan Ellington, David Cascio, Marshall Mann171Daniel Cork, Ronald Lentz, Robert Owens61
jpaxStephen Ryan, Phil Perez, Jose Higdon153Robert Owens, Edward Stewart, Joseph Malick50
crimedogSteven Ryan, Julio Webb, Brian Colson65Tyrone Allen, Benjamin Sumpter, Alastor Garcia84