Lineup Lockdown – Day 1

We’ve had hobbs71, NakedandAfraid, RayRazor, RyckyRych, Bugs318, and now GentlemensClub all take a turn at the top – but it’s a marathon not a sprint.

And a little bit of batting leader data to stare at and wonder why your players don’t seem to like you as much as the other managers.

For team data, check out the compilation sheets that Luke_T has made HERE

Batting Average

BA1Richard BeanOldetown Donkeys0.416
BA2Lyle HamlinGbears877 Team0.404
BA3Robert KyzerMoxie Team0.400
BA4Felix Bretzrob276 Team0.397
BA4Phil PerezBugeater Team0.397
BA6Daniel Corkxdude Team0.395
BA7Russell MunozOpen Bar Drink Slingers0.389
BA8Richard BeanMyCity MyTeam0.384
BA9Jose Higdonjomby Team0.382
BA10Daniel CorkEarth m's Kingdom0.379

On Base Percentage

OBP1Daniel CorkEarth m's Kingdom0.495
OBP1Robert KyzerMoxie Team0.495
OBP3Joey SheahanCleveland Expats0.476
OBP4Richard BeanOldetown Donkeys0.475
OBP5Ronald LentzSt. Pierre Georges0.473
OBP6Phil Perezthedesch Team0.472
OBP7Phil PerezBugeater Team0.471
OBP8Ronald LentzNot Oracle0.470
OBP8Craig CrandellNew Haven Hex0.470
OBP10Daniel CorkGolden Knights0.468

Slugging Percentage

SLG1Daniel Corkxdude Team0.747
SLG2Daniel CorkEarth m's Kingdom0.724
SLG3Brad JacobsJokeLine Team0.703
SLG4Daniel Corkrentforfree2790 Team0.697
SLG5Mathew JeffreysLoathing The Free Agent Era0.696
SLG6Mathew JeffreysOrion Dark Energy0.691
SLG6Daniel Corkadamz Team0.691
SLG8Brad JacobsNew Mexico Hikers0.678
SLG9Robert KyzerMoxie Team0.670
SLG9Phil Perezstinky_pete Team0.670
SLG9Robert Kyzerkevinapps Team0.670


OPS1Daniel CorkEarth m's Kingdom1.219
OPS2Daniel Corkxdude Team1.213
OPS3Robert KyzerMoxie Team1.165
OPS4Daniel Corkrentforfree2790 Team1.139
OPS5Phil Perezstinky_pete Team1.116
OPS6Daniel Corkadamz Team1.112
OPS7Robert KyzerSt. Pierre Georges1.111
OPS8Mathew JeffreysOrion Dark Energy1.103
OPS9Jose Higdonjomby Team1.094
OPS10Brad JacobsNew Mexico Hikers1.092

Home Runs

HR1Mathew JeffreysLoathing The Free Agent Era11
HR1Mathew Jeffreysbratsch Team11
HR3Robert Kyzerkevinapps Team10
HR4Robert Kyzerwolfpac255 Team9
HR4Brad JacobsJokeLine Team9
HR4Brad JacobsNottingham Base Ball9
HR4Ryan EllingtonSteveVesey Team9
HR4Mathew JeffreysOrion Dark Energy9
HR4Daniel Corkadamz Team9
HR10Ronald LentzTrempk Team8
HR10Mathew JeffreysHarold's Purple Crayons8
HR10David CascioSczczurcz Gdansczwiciwiczié8
HR10Brad JacobsThe Team That Doesn't Count8
HR10Ryan Ellingtonjdub67 Team8
HR10Mathew JeffreysUnidentifed Fielding Objects8
HR10Ryan EllingtonCambridge Commies8
HR10Daniel Corkrentforfree2790 Team8
HR10Brad JacobsPimps Stable8
HR10Robert KyzerSt. Pierre Georges8
HR10Jimmy SeymourSanta Cruz Seagulls8
HR10Brad Jacobsadamz Team8
HR10Ryan EllingtonSyracuse Orange8
HR10William RichardsonLockdown Marsupials8
HR10Brad JacobsNakedandafraid Team8
HR10Brad Jacobssnowwind Team8
HR10Brad JacobsWindhelm Thirsty Nords8