Lineup Lockdown – Day 5

This thing moves fast enough that any stat reporting it out of date before you see it, but your top 10 for this very moment.

There is a lot of movement up and down the standings, and still a couple days for things to flip-flop again. At various different times I’ve seen the yellow jersey for #1 team on hobbs71, NakedandAfraid, RayRazor, Bugs318, RyckyRych, jdub67, ninthgate, browndog60, Hondo, Gentlemens Club, and SteveVesey – and apologies if you made it there and I missed it while sleeping.

Some pitcher stats below – will put together some player comparisons when this is done. If you have any analysis/data that you’ve been working on yourself that you think might interest the rest of the class, please let me know.

Reminder you can find team data, on the compilation sheets that Luke_T has made HERE


W1Ronald VargaSczczurcz Gdansczwiciwiczié18
W2Ronald VargaGreenville ontheNile Death Metals17
W3Michael GerberLoathing The Free Agent Era16
W3Ronald VargaGentlemens Club16
W3Willie Stimpsonrob276 Team16
W3Willie StimpsonGentlemens Club16
W3Benjamin EdwardsNy Metropeters16
W8Benjamin EdwardsNakedandafraid Team15
W8Benjamin Edwardsbalmers Team15
W8Richard Williamkmcevoy Team15
W8Douglas DelgadoTeddy's Teeth15
W8Aaron CookNew Haven Hex15
W8Willie StimpsonRuby Ridge Snipers15
W8Richard TudorManchester Monarchs15
W8Willie StimpsonGatorDave Team15
W8Carl LewisLehigh Valley IronPigs15
W8Willie Stimpsonhawkers Team15


L1Richard TudorRon Popeil Memorial All-Stars20
L2Benjamin EdwardsLukes Luscious Lefties18
L3Michael GerberLansing Lugnuts17
L3Michael GerberWisconsin Warriors17
L3Willie Stimpsonwolfpac255 Team17
L3Stephen Saldivaroracle augurs17
L7Chad PearsonMyCity MyTeam16
L7Willie StimpsonShelbyville Shelbyvillians16
L7Chad PearsonSyracuse Orange16
L10Dominic HeinPumpkin Spice Lattes15
L10Stephen Saldivarseaver41 Team15
L10Brian ColeSczczurcz Gdansczwiciwiczié15
L10Dominic Heinjohnylitnin Team15
L10Willie Stimpsonmr. hamburger Team15
L10Dominic HeinGang Green15
L10Michael GerberAstoria Finns15
L10Douglas Delgadobenster3 Team15
L10Stephen Saldivarstampy19 Team15
L10Brian ColeHuntsville Hounds15
L10Benjamin EdwardsPigge Team15


ERA1Edward GarrisonCHUCK KIELLY Team1.47
ERA2Steven RyanForks and Spoons1.48
ERA3Willie Stimpsonrob276 Team1.52
ERA4Chad PearsonSuperbigred1960 SBR1.62
ERA5Steven Ryanrob276 Team1.63
ERA6Brian Colesparacucci Team1.85
ERA7Aaron CookOrland Osprey1.89
ERA8Steven RyanTeddy's Teeth1.90
ERA9Benjamin Edwardszwallace Team1.95
ERA10Willie StimpsonRuby Ridge Snipers1.95

Innings Pitched

IP1Ronald VargaGentlemens Club228
IP2Ronald VargaToowoomba Rangers224
IP3Ronald VargaPumpkin Spice Lattes223
IP4Ronald VargaSczczurcz Gdansczwiciwiczié222
IP5Richard Williamwolfpac255 Team222
IP6Willie StimpsonLukes Luscious Lefties221
IP7Michael GerberLoathing The Free Agent Era221
IP7Benjamin EdwardsGentlemens Club221
IP9Chad PearsonLoathing The Free Agent Era220
IP9Willie StimpsonThe Cork & Bean220


SV1Robert NorrisSteveVesey Team38
SV1Jay GrahamNew Mexico Hikers38
SV3Derrick Clarksparacucci Team37
SV4Gene Nosalkevinapps Team35
SV4Steven RyanGang Green35
SV6Jonathan BoothHuntsville Hounds34
SV6Willie StimpsonPotomac Nationals34
SV6Brian ColeJanNoord Team34
SV6Oliver NeuhausLoathing The Free Agent Era34
SV10Joseph AdamsClayton Kershaw Team33
SV10Joseph AdamsBedrock Stoners33
SV10Robert NorrisMyCity MyTeam33