Lineup Lockdown update – Clone messed up.

SO, how is everybody doing?  Nice weather right now.  How about that Aaron Judge??

I learned today that I made a mistake with the R/L settings for the contest players.   When copying over the players, I neglected to overwrite the R/L numbers, which means some righties have been playing like lefties and some lefties have been playing like righties. This could certainly have an impact on the results.  Ungh.  Thank you to Clayton Kershaw and V.I. for finding this issue and bringing it to my attention.  What to do about it?

*I don’t want to wipe out the success of the folks that have been winning this week – nobody knows what impact R/L might have had on results.

*I don’t want to wipe out the time you guys put into participating in the contest with results that are impacted by this mistake.

The Plan

*We are going to finish this contest exactly as plannedthe top 24 managers make it to a Final Table –  they pick a team from a new player pool and the winner of this ORIGINAL contest gets $100. 


*We are going to run a second version of the contest, and you don’t have to lift a finger to enter.   We are using the exact same teams and settings you gave us in the first contest, but running the season with the correct R/L settings!! (Repeat – you are not repicking or redoing anything, we are running the same team, with the correct R/L)  Again, the top 24 managers make it to a Final Table, pick a team from a new player pool and the winner of this RERUN contest will also get $100.  If you thought you were toast in this thing – you aren’t out of it yet.

What if you do good in both????

We will use the same new player pool for the Final Tables of both contests (original 24 have to wait patiently for a week for the other contest to catch up).  If you qualify in the top 24 in both, then you will be able to put in an entry in each, and win both if you are able to manage it, and we’ll all be pretty impressed.

Sincere apologies for this error – we appreciate your participation in this contest, and we’ll always try our best to make things right where we can.

Zubaz even recorded an apology video on this topic if it’s nicer to hear it out loud…