Third Time is the Charm – Lineup Lockdown Consolation Tourney

By popular demand, we have a consolation tournament so you’ve got another lineup puzzle to solve before this chapter is over.

Details on the CSFBL Wiki

Including these bits:

  • You will not win $100 dollars for the Consolation Pool, but you will win a baseball card that Zubaz already has in mind (less than $20 value, don’t get too excited) and hopefully a postcard from Zubaz congratulating you on being the best of the also-rans.
  • You must submit your entry at the Consolation Round page – findable from here – – Deadline – Monday 10/24/22, 11:59PM EDT
  • The rules are a bit different, as we are using this time to try out some future scenarios.
    • ‘Old School’ – Sim Model set to Classic Era
    • ‘Up the Middle, Solves the Riddle’ – All stadiums will be locked at the average settings
    • ‘All-Star Break’ – You will get your teams back for 24 hour “all-star break” at the 80 game mark, to be able to modify your settings/lineups/etc… for the second half of the season. (Excluding stadium)