October Updates!!!

You may have seen the email, but we’ve got some cool new things coming next Wednesday, 10/26 – including new flexibility in leagues, and in the way we see player ratings.

A few screenshots to show some of this in action – here is the same fine player shown three different ways:

*Current numbers/letters view

Current View – Numbers/Letters

*Numbers/numbers view

Numbers/Numbers – Precision 1 for both

*Numbers/numbers view with Precision 1 for current ratings, and Precision 5 for potentials.

Numbers/Numbers – Precision 5 for potentials (My personal recommendation)

*New League Structures – For new leagues, if you want to get old school and run a league with two 12-team conferences – we do that.

Remember the days of two conferences needing a pennant to move on? (and walking uphill both directions to school.)

Talk to your league – figure out suits you best.

To find out more:
*Update details on the Wiki – https://help.csfbl.com/wiki/88/october-2022-update
*Zubaz and MHardy discuss these updates on YouTube – https://youtu.be/3SoAS3vpO7k