The move to the New Player Development Model

As previously announced, on January 24th, 2023 we’re implementing a new player aging/development model. Players will develop faster, reach their full potentials more often, stay at their peak longer, and decline in a more natural aging curve. For more details: January 2023 Update

This is a great update. It’s also a big change, and it takes time for changes like this to work their way through existing players and teams – it is just the nature of the dynasty game.  We’re trying to get creative with ways to speed up that transition for leagues that have asked.

Leagues can choose their transition plan.

Option ALeave current players alone – wait for the changes to player aging/development to cycle through the league over time. 

PRO – Everyone will be impacted the same way,
CON – it will take awhile for new ‘normal’ development to cycle through the league

Option BDevelop current players extra (superflip) at the next season flip, to jumpstart the transition and make younger players most closely resemble players in the new aging/development model.  This is a ONE-TIME option as we move towards more gradual/optional changes to game mechanics. How it works:

*Players 20-21 year olds will receive one additional year of development
*Players 22-23 year olds will receive two additional years of development
*Players 24+ will receive three additional years of development
*The “superflips” won’t age players extra or add decline

PRO – Current players under 30 will most closely resemble new players coming into the league. 
CON – All players/teams won’t be impacted the same way – older players will change very little.


There is no perfect way to make big changes without shaking up existing leagues, but we wanted to give leagues the additional option. We’ll leave it to you folks to figure out what’s best for your league.

By default, your league will remain as is – if your league is interested in Option B (extra development), please PM citizenclone before the end of Friday, January 27 and he’ll coordinate the details with you before your next season flip.