Your Favorite Teams

Thanks all for completing the target audience survey – we had a great community response, it is much appreciated. Here’s the tally of the most picked favorite teams for your perusal – have a good weekend.

Favorite Teams

New York Yankees10.17%18
New York Mets9.60%17
Toronto Blue Jays7.34%13
Atlanta Braves6.21%11
St Louis Cardinals5.65%10
Chicago Cubs5.08%9
Boston Red Sox4.52%8
Cleveland Indians4.52%8
Minnesota Twins4.52%8
Philadelphia Phillies4.52%8
Kansas City Royals3.39%6
Los Angeles Dodgers3.39%6
Chicago White Sox2.82%5
Cincinnati Reds2.82%5
Pittsburgh Pirates2.82%5
Texas Rangers2.82%5
Baltimore Orioles2.26%4
Detroit Tigers2.26%4
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim2.26%4
Milwaukee Brewers2.26%4
San Francisco Giants2.26%4
Houston Astros1.69%3
I do not have one.1.69%3
Arizona Diamondbacks1.13%2
Washington Nationals1.13%2
Colorado Rockies0.56%1
Miami Marlins0.56%1
Oakland Athletics0.56%1
San Diego Padres0.56%1
Seattle Mariners0.56%1
Tampa Bay Rays0.00%0