On March 31, 2023 – CSFBL will officially be rebranded to BaseHit.

Below, watch Brian and Zubaz share the news, and followup vid after that, where Zubaz adds some more details to the announcement.

Why rebrand?

Early on, Jason and Brian discussed probably needing to rebrand at some point, to help the game reach more users.  Lots of us have spent a long time with the name CSFBL and it is second nature to us – but to a new person, CSFBL doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. 

Winthrop: “Hey, you should check out this game…”
Non-Winthrop: “What is it?”
Winthrop: “CSFBL!”
Non-Winthrop: “CFS…”
Winthrop: “No.  CSFBL.  C..S… F as in Frank, B as in Boy….”
Non-Winthrop: “What does it stand for?”
Winthrop: “Computer Simulated…”
Non-Winthrop “Computer?  Is anything not done on a computer? My phone is a computer…”
Winthrop – “Just shut up, try it.”

And sure – ‘Shut up and try it’ is a strong marketing strategy, but we also think a name change can help too.

Why BaseHit?

  • We wanted a name that’s easy to remember and market.
  • We wanted a name that says baseball right up front – bam, BaseHit – one of the most fundamental terms in baseball. 
  • We really wanted to keep the base logo as close as we could to the original, and BaseHit works perfectly with that logo.  We’ve got the same emotional attachment to the brand many of you have, having played almost 20 years.  You’ll see we even added a ‘by CSFBL’ nod the logo, to make it clear to people that do know the name, that it’s still us.  

What about (Insert Brilliant Name)?

If you find a good name that is a baseball term, short, available and affordable as a dot com, trademarkable, and works well with the logo…give yourself a pat on the back, because we did too.

How does this affect me?

This should not affect current users beyond hopefully having more people to fill your leagues over time.  Bookmarks to will still work, emails will forward, your hilarious forum posts will still be there – you’ll just see BaseHit branding in various places.

Why is Pete Rose not in the Hall of Fame?

One step at a time. 

You may have seen some test ads on Facebook or Google recently as we start to crank up our marketing efforts.  We still have lots and lots to do here to make this game more enjoyable for existing users, and to help us convert eyes on the site into lasting users – this is just one step in that process and we are excited to be able to reach out to a new generation of computer simulated fantasy baseball players. 

Thanks all of you for your support and loyalty to this game.