What makes a quality league?

I’ve had multiple requests for leagues rankings and here is the first version of the process towards making a system that will surely be as beloved as the BCS! I’ve dug into data on every currently active, 24-team league that has completed at least three seasons and carved out seven shiny data points that each shed some light into what might make a league “top-tier”.

What makes a league “good” is highly subjective. You can think of these data points as different lenses to try out to view your leagues. All leagues have unique rules and circumstances that may sway the data – so, consider this data with a grain of salt.

I held off on creating one central league score for this version, but will ponder it for the future. In the end, we value a welcoming community that enjoys finding different ways to play this game, and if you are having fun in your league, that’s a good league.

Here’s a brief rundown of each measure –

  1. Owned %: This measures the proportion of games played by human owners in the past three seasons.
  2. Active %: This represents the percentage of teams in the league that are managed by users who have logged in at least 30 times in the past 30 days.
  3. Stable %: This metric represents the percentage of teams that are currently owned by the same user who owned them 30 days ago.
  4. Parity Score: This score is based on the standard deviation of the winning percentages of all the teams in the league over the last three completed seasons. A lower standard deviation translates to a higher competitiveness score.
  5. Trading %: This is the percentage of teams that have made a trade in the last three seasons.
  6. WS Rings: The total number of World Series wins for all current owners in the league, across all leagues.
  7. MedTenure: This represents the median number of completed seasons that the current owners of teams in the league have been with their teams.

If you have thoughts on this data, or want to make an argument for how to weight it all for one uber-League Score, or have any ideas for v2 – leave a comment below. I’m trying out a new commenting system that includes upvoting (and downvoting) of comments, and this topic seems like as good a place to start as any.

League Data – June 2023

LeagueOwned %Active %Stable %ParityTrading %WS RingsMedTenure
7th Inning Stretch78.354.258.364.116.736914
*GOAT 699.679.2100.096.716.710749
A League to Rule Them All82.687.583.357.562.590424
A New Beginning98.366.795.865.170.844218
A New Hope70.470.862.557.420.829656
A Star Is Reborn79.958.375.066.929.244656
All Star Gala96.370.883.351.479.236039
Amateur Baseball92.866.791.762.366.733131
America’s Pastime97.783.391.773.916.744018
AOR Die Hards95.275.087.565.587.52197
Beer League98.170.895.881.633.371957
Beta Nu Zeta91.058.375.064.970.824522
Blue Chip Baseball71.845.858.356.054.233653
Brockmire League99.691.795.862.695.866420
Brushback Baseball 61.433.329.264.941.723642
C-Town Open93.254.283.353.429.228522
Cardinal Fans64.550.054.257.920.838661
Caribbean League of CSFBL100.091.7100.049.470.8111025
Chi Beta Federation73.162.570.849.212.561034
Classic Prospects78.854.262.568.316.727447
College World Series73.483.366.746.50.059614
Cooperstown Prospects98.675.0100.069.40.024722
CSFBL Justice85.287.595.869.38.390367
Delta Psi Psi93.345.883.360.050.09014
Diamond Legends65.541.754.264.416.721747
Earth Baseball98.179.295.869.629.248747
Ellinikos Enomenos99.766.795.853.333.336121
Empire Strikes Out82.754.266.752.725.034552
FrontOffice Baseball – MLB80.470.879.255.120.838210
Galactic B L – salary cap enforced98.183.383.363.5100.043638
Gamma Omega Iota95.458.379.265.275.010111
Hippystock Moshpit97.479.283.356.512.562914
Independent Baseball88.166.779.280.050.01861
International Baseball Association99.683.391.759.945.856725
Jobu’s Rum86.166.775.065.429.234736
Kapsileta Baseball League90.483.395.872.420.871232
Lawn Chair98.583.395.871.591.76275
League of Champions71.162.562.563.18.358431
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen75.162.570.849.616.780012
League of Legends99.091.795.856.745.899131
Lightsabers and Blasters94.637.587.555.258.323110
Minor League59.233.341.774.78.317062
MLB Classic87.491.7100.060.779.275924
MLB Mideastern94.458.395.862.975.033046
MLB ReMake99.9100.095.866.341.798620
MLB ReMake – AA86.687.583.370.137.556713
MLB ReMake – AAA94.783.383.369.054.274414
MLB ShowDown65.845.850.055.716.730526
MLB Str8 8s86.987.583.360.325.055915
MLB Str8 Sweetness74.966.762.565.025.039844
MLB Throwback71.150.058.365.312.550759
MLB World100.087.5100.069.279.267623
Mu Epsilon Omega87.441.766.780.845.8918
National League69.529.237.587.116.71296
National Pastime70.550.
Negro League Tribute80.366.770.870.916.756760
Nu Upsilon Xi79.141.770.8100.00.010510
Omega Lambda Phi71.020.850.058.675.0569
Pacific Coast League61.337.545.854.18.332654
Psi Phi91.662.579.266.491.733219
Psi Sigma94.370.895.872.720.850535
Re-Draft Money League99.841.775.023.60.05464
Re-Draft Money League II98.554.295.841.30.04691
Re-Draft Money League III99.545.879.219.60.04321
Rivals League93.866.783.358.279.24507
Road to the Bigs80.74.28.346.40.02947
Rounding Third Baseball96.095.891.761.254.262323
Say Hey Prospects95.670.887.550.150.026911
Sons of Ivy94.066.791.741.091.739924
Spring Training96.283.395.866.737.581442
The Classic League100.087.5100.060.358.3112769
The Dirty Dozens98.183.3100.063.650.090647
The Evolution of a New Era in CSFBL75.945.870.855.716.741228
The Show99.283.3100.053.341.768225
Training Day83.462.579.279.129.22059
Triple Crown Baseball99.091.7100.056.991.753433
Two Major Leagues72.354.262.556.533.346251
Upper Tier71.437.545.855.70.021257
Upsilon Sigma Mu90.062.570.862.98.33318
Xtra Bases65.950.058.346.645.842419
Years of Glory86.379.291.755.133.356247
Yesterday’s Yards98.887.591.754.8100.062431
Zeta Zeta Epsilon98.358.387.586.945.815625
Historical Replay100.091.7100.00.0100.065328