Tournament of Champions 2 Exit Survey

I reached out to the community in a couple places with a few questions about the Tournament of Champions.

How was your ToC experience?

Andujar: I enjoyed it.  Focusing on one league completely was a nice change of pace.  My other teams did not enjoy it as much.  They suffer from two months of not attention.

Drinkslinger: Amazing- going from an alternate that only got in to making the final 4 at the final table was a thrill

Hiroclio: excellent

SlickLaptop: Fun, but unsatisfied

What was your favorite/best draft pick?

Andujar:  Final: RHP John Nehring – 16th round pick was 15-5 with 3.48 ERA; Division: 2B John Martin – 3rd round, 2B was very weak, his .900 OPS when other teams were getting .700 was important

Drinklinger: Aaron Kimbrough- he killed it

Hiroclio: (Daniel Moreno at #88)

SlickLaptop: P Herbert Clark

What was your biggest bust draft pick?

Andujar:  Final: RHP Anthony Holt – 5th round pick was 10-15 with 5 ERA. Made 25 starts before being banished to MR role; Division: CF Plutus Webb – 7th round pick. .704 OPS, His 87 SP resulted in only 27/40 in stolen bases

Drinkslinger: Babe Georges- he was ok but not good enough to anchor my rotation

Hiroclio: (Jax Vanmeter at #41)

SlickLaptop: Terrence Wirth

Describe as much of your sim-to-sim management for this league as you’d like to reveal

Andujar: Final: Pitched Richard Stevens 41 times. Got the most starts I could from 3 pitchers that were good. Pushed them hard for 4th playoff spot, came up short. Focused on platoon advantage, didn’t help as much in this one;  Division: Mix and matched handedness of pitchers vs team. Managed innings/seafat as playoff position was not in jeopardy. Platoons were much more effective.

Drinkslinger: I kept on top of just about every sim for both rounds. I actively set my rotation each day to maximize starts, matchups, etc

Hiroclio: The only managing I did was shuffling the rotation depending on which pitchers were more healthy (avoiding season fatigue)

SlickLaptop: No reveal

What would improve the ToC? (Format, eligibility, fan engagement, time to complete, rebranding, that damn waiver, a dunking booth, anything at all)

Andujar:  Would love more participants, more involvement, more hype from the community. Making it an event that has the whole game interested. That said, I have no idea how to do that. I also like the Lineup Lockdown method for filling a roster.

Drinkslinger: more engagement from the rest of the community. more previews, predictions, etc. the ones that did them were great

SlickLaptop: Allow us to see player splits, consider a March Madness format, offer prizes to those who can guess the winners, third place series, expand to 64

Zubaz: less competition

Anything else you would like to add? (this is your chance, anything goes!)

Andujar: Thanks to zubaz, clone and everyone involved for running the tournament. Bring back podcasts! christo has a story to tell, I need to know what Mikey Hardfoul is up to, CF4L is waiting for the call, RyckyRych team management seminar, is clone as good as UNC tennis coach at pickleball, the topics are endless!

Drinkslinger: thanks to everyone for putting on a great tournament

SlickLaptop: Clone should play, hookers and blow