Celebrating the Past

The Blast from the Past tournament is a celebration of the rich history and longevity of this wonderful game. The development team has said they attempted to contact dormant users with the opportunity to join this competition, but some will not be able to join. Whether it’s a spam filter hiding the email, or not enough time in the day, or not knowing what this ‘basehit’ thing is, or leaving to create a different simulation that’s very similar, there are many reasons that a former CSFBL manager may miss this contest.

Over the years, there have even been users that have passed. Broxton was memorialized on the site for years. It would be pretty neat if a team was entered for a guy who seemed likely to still be playing this game today if it were not for an accident 18 years ago.

I didn’t know him, but I played in A New Beginning for many (real) years and his team was the CT Wildcats.  After his passing, the team was named Broxtons CT Wildcats in his honor for several years.  Over the years and with ownership turnover, the name was changed, perhaps current team management can be convinced to change it back.  What do you say, ZubaZ?

With a league as old as ANB, I thought it may be fun to comb the league for teams that previous managers would have entered if they are unable to do so.  The league has 146 completed seasons and some of those early teams were wild.  For instance, Broxton and ZubaZ’ team won 39 games in 1983.  That’s not a team that would be a candidate for entry.  

Broxton entered in the 2002 season and immediately turned the team around. In his first decade with the team, CT made the playoffs each season and won 2 World Series. The best regular record was 112 wins, that team did not win a title. That team had a rising Naseem Overturf, who was almost to his peak of 43-100-77-89 with 90 EN, winning 26 games and a 970 run offense. Broxton’s entry into the Blast from the Past would be teamid 19, season 2005. Batting | Pitching

There was another fairly important CSFBL person in that division, the guy that is the brians behind CSFBL.  As the current owner of the Gas House Gorillas, I’m going to let brian pick his own team.

But when I think of ANB, Broxton and brian aren’t the first owners in D1 to come to my mind. Anyone who spent considerable time in the league knows that Widowmaker was a beast, winning 13 World Series in the first 40 seasons of the league.the force to reckon with. He has managed the team for all but 8 seasons but monster teams were definitely the early ones. There are 2 different 120-win WS champs to choose between and I chose the 2000 version that scored 1100 runs and allowed only 645. Widowmaker, teamid 10, season 2000. Batting | Pitching

If Widowmaker dominated the first 40 seasons, shuyande did the same to seasons 2000-2040, going 10-7 in the World Series during that span. Yes, the Nome Gnomes appeared in almost half the WS for 4 decades. I’m not going to overcomplicate this selection, 2005 Nome won 117 games with a +350 run difference. Plus, this gives Broxton a small shot at a rollback. Shuyande, teamid 170, season 2005. Batting | Pitching

Can’t say shuyande without thinking about smartbenny. They are brothers, bruh. Benny didn’t have the success here that shuyande did but he consistently won more than he lost in the toughest division in the league. Benny is still around the game, despite currently managing zero teams, so he gets to pick his own team out of the 941 seasons that he is credited with playing. Smartbenny, teamid 155, season 2053. Batting | Pitching

Another previous owner that was incredible at this game was oprice. He has been gone from the game since 2016. He AVERAGED 104.8 wins a season. He won World Series titles in 107 of the 330 seasons that he played. He made the playoffs 92% of the time. His Season Finishes graph doesn’t look like a slope, it looks like a tower and the blip in the 2nd and 3rd place column are the other owners that he threw out the window. In his 26 seasons in ANB with Broxtons CT Wildcats, he won 9 titles. I picked 2074 just to give everyone else a chance, in this season, the Wildcats lost the WS to Jokeline’s Bing Bong SURVIVORES. Oprice, teamid 19, season 2074. Batting | Pitching

One of my favorite people ever played in this league for 13 seasons.  Hi kitt!  2 titles in 13 seasons isn’t bad!  Kittielver still visits the game but currently has no teams. Kitt Lves French cities like Marseilles, Toulouse, Rouen, Vienna, Carson City and Squirrel Hill.

Lastly, there was this andujar guy who won 6 titles in a row, long after the league lost its prestige. Long live Lyle Sanders, that guy was Thomas Curtis without steroids. He was the Lloyd Good of his league. There were another 15 minutes of my life reliving past glories.

Honorable mention. Jokeline. Youth Pot derailed this promising prospect before he reached his peak. Jokeline, teamid 179, season 2034. Batting | Pitching

It’s not too late to sign up, come join the fun! And remember, don’t eat the gum! Ugh!