Blast from the Past Draft

There are few things I like better than a draft/contest that you submit at the beginning of something and then track it as the thing progresses. So, here is a last minute opportunity to do such a thing.

Submit to me 4 team/owners (entrants list)that are in the Blast from the Past Tournament. Forums PM, discord message, comment here, text if you got me, raven, owl, pigeon, telepathetic if i respond, paper airplane if i catch it or venmo.

1 point for your selected team winning the round 1 series.

2 points for your selected team winning the round 2 series. 

3 points for.. You get it.

0 points for beating a scrub team.

Finish with the most points and win a blog post of your writing OR a blog post by me with a topic of your choosing.


I’m taking drmeyer, Vulpecula, pimp and jar.