Post-Tournament Recap

Thanks to all of the participants in the Blast from the Past tourney this weekend. We had 166 teams competing and we burned through eight rounds to whittle it all down to one winner by Sunday night – congrats SlickLaptop and the Hartford Yard Goats. There were a lot of dramatic series in there, and Slick and stinky_pete had to survive 11 elimination games between them to make it to the final.

We got to see some great players come back. Adam Pinson had 9 seasons with 50+ HRs in Cards Clubhouse, and came back to hit 21 homers in 38 games. Ensign Gilbert is the all-time shutouts leader in The Show, and came back to throw six shutouts in 12 games. I only won one round, but watching the gameview and seeing a bunch of my old favorite players back was really cool and sent me back digging through a bunch of old seasons and remembering names I had forgotten.

We also had some great owners coming back – more than forty guys from years past including almost a dozen guys that had been away over a decade. Some of those guys picked up teams while they are here – help us to welcome those guys back wherever you can.

Anytime we do anything like this, it helps us figure out a ton of related pieces of the game and moves us forward. The ability to bring back players from the past, to run a league with 256 teams, to run series independent of the normal sim schedule, even the ability to email folks and direct them straight to their user histories: these are all things we weren’t doing just a short time ago. Special thanks to cardboardtube – you may already know his BaseHit Enhancement Suite, and for this tourney, he helped us with the tourney registration and built the bracket that I spent most of the weekend staring at.

Baseball cards for those that signed up are on their way soon. Same for the signed Dwight Gooden baseballs that Zubaz gave away throughout the weekend – won by moodcode, CyMaddux, drmeyer87, and stinky_pete. We’re leaving your teams in your franchises for a few days so you can easily check out your stats – after that you’ll still be able to find the league here.

We’ll have more tournaments in the future and we hope you’ll join us – cause they are fun, and because tourneys help us get to know a lot of people that we might not have been in a league with before.