It has been approximately 400 days since the last Recent Champions blog post.  Since then, there have been 877 seasons that have completed.  So, this is going to be a really really long entry into the blog… 

nah, I wouldn’t short change all the previous champions like that. I did feel like the previous way of recognizing the winners was getting a little stale, so I’m going to approach this differently and see if there is a more interesting way to give winners a shout and provide fun information as well.  

Today I’m going to highlight those teams that had a perfect postseason in the last year+.  There are 8 of them to report.

First, on Sept 1st, 2022, elwood41 and the Seattle Even Flows took a 87 win regular season team through the Beta Nu Zeta playoffs without defeat, wiping the floor with ZubaZ in the World Series. Overall, elwood41 has 13 titles.

The next perfect postseason belongs to snowwind and the Let It Go 7 of Upper Tier. Snowwind enjoyed this so much that Let did it again the next season. That’s at least a 24 game postseason winning streak. This team was incredibly strong, winning 224 regular season games over the two seasons.

I’m not sure this really counts but it’s in the data, so it’s getting reported.  Pigge Team in Lineup Lockdown had zero postseason losses in the contest that ended on Nov 9.  Congrats to Pigge Team, 91 wins was enough to finish in 1st place in the regular season and the team diced up all the competition in the playoffs.

The next 12-0 October belongs to 2seamer and the Syracuse Chiefs. They won 99 regular season games and blasted through the Minor League playoffs with a World Series victory over dk161

Another interesting perfect postseason was achieved by drinkslinger and the Bill Snyder’s Ghost in Big Eight. This is an 8 team league and would have been a 8-0 postseason which means it is considerably less impressive. Drinkslinger finished 1st in the regular season with 35 wins in this 56 game league and was able to sweep Luke_T in the World Series, which only adds to the less impressiveness.

The last two zero loss postseason’s came from The Eccentric Eight league. It is also an 8 team league but it is even less impressive from a loss-less postseason perspective because only 2 teams make the playoffs. So, way to go jpax73 and Clayton_Kershaw, you won a title in a sweep but there is a reason you are mentioned last. Now turn around or I shall be forced to insult you another time.

Next time I’ll focus on a different aspect of the last ~15 months of winners.  

Also of note, I’m stealing a bit from a podcast I recently listened to and including a random personal fact about a BaseHit user at the end of my posts.  It will go like this:

Luke_T took The Belt (Belty as he calls it) on a tour of the Los Angeles area after he won the TCL league. See you next time!