Tournament of Champions 2022 Eligibility Criteria

The Tournament of Champions was a good chance for people to play with different folks than they were used to, in different formats than they were used to, and a chance for us to reward active winners on the site. Congrats again to CyMaddux for being the last man standing – a very deserving champ who ran the gauntlet of some big competition. If you are scoring at home, he did get his cash money, but the ring and banner (and TOC mugs for the rest) are still in the works. There will be other special events and tourneys planned for the future as we add to the flexibility of the game, but there will also always be a Tournament of Champions.

The first time around, owners got in solely on the number of 2021 WS rings collected from teams owned all season. We heard your suggestions, and while we want to keep the criteria clear and simple, we’ve got a bit more nuance for you for 2022.

2022 TOC Criteria:

(based on user records from 11/20/21 – 10/26/22)

* Top 32 owners invited – determined by following formula:

* 1 pt for every WS ring in a season with 16 or more full-time owners, 1/3 pt for WS rings with less <16 owners.

* Only your top four league totals will count towards your total.

* -1/2 pt for every time you earn the most losses in a season, anywhere. (That’s right, you can lose pts)

We’re addressing the two biggest complaints we heard from TOC 2021 – that not all rings are created equal and that owners with less teams don’t have a shot to get in, and the biggest complaint we hear site-wide, that tanking stinks.

The first round of the TOC will begin on November 2nd, with the final round beginning January 3rd. We can’t keep you from checking your teams on the holidays, but this schedule will ensure you don’t have to draft between bites of Thanksgiving meals.

We’ll give you periodic updates on how the standings look for those that care about such things, and you only have 8 short months left to argue with us about these details. Thanks for reading this many words.